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AndaTamaatar.com is a Bollywood movies website that allows its registered users to post movie ratings and/or qualitative movie reviews. Once a user is logged in and clicks on the “Add a Review" button, they can add their individual film rating. The average movie rating given by all the users to the film is updated “real-time”. It appears as a Star User Rating Scale (1 to 5) on the Movies Home Page and in the Recent Releases section (if the movie is one of the latest 10 releases). Providing this rating is compulsory for the users. The drag and drop rating scale shows:

What's the Verdict

3 hrs wasted need not to say anymore….!

Timepass Worth an evening watch!

Paisa Vasool Totally worth your money and more

A compulsory sub-rating scale along with the average movie rating explains those extra dimensions that are a part of every Bollywood movie experience. This is designed to inform your view further. The bar-charts are also updated real-time to show the percentage of the users who agree with the sub-ratings.

Watch With

Ghar Parivaar : Indian word for “Family” means yes, you can watch it with elders.

Date : Go out with a romantic interest, spouse (present or ex-lover).

Yaar Dost : Worth watching with a group – either because its hilariously funny or you believe in communal hara- kiri.

Kids : Spoil your own kid, niece/nephew or your friend’s kid to become their “favourite” for the day.

Firang Friend : A truly, global cinematic experience for the untrained eye.

Watch For

Powerful Performance : Brilliant acting performance by one actor or the entire caste.

Music & Melody : Thumbs-up to the music album and/or the choreography.

Style & Slick : A well-edited, stylishly shot film.

Sizzling Star : Watch it for a “hot” screen icon.

Deadly Dialogues : Worth watching simply for hilarious dialogues or thought-provoking ones.

After providing the film rating and sub-rating, the user has an option to post his qualitative movie review. They can also simultaneously post it on the andatamaatar website as well as the social media sites (by checking in facebook, twitter or googleplus boxes).

Both the user rating and the user review is posted on the white panel on the movies home page. One can edit his rating or review, delete it and like other user reviews (by clicking on the thumbs up sign). They can also view all the movie reviews they have posted on the site by clicking on their user name in the white panel.

We hope that if you have opinions on Bollywood movies, you will use this forum to express it – as we say, the Star is Within You. So, please register, rate and review on andatamaatar.com !