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Bollywood is India's alter-ego.
We love to love it and we love to hate it....

...and then we have an opinion about it…always…if only there was a stage to share these opinions!
Welcome to AndaTamaatar.com!

We are two friends, both equally passionate Bollywood aficionados in spite of being born and raised on two different sides of the Indian Ocean.

Much as we appreciate and criticize cinema like all other forms of art, we realized there isn't really a dedicated forum to share reviews and ratings of a film by us, the real connoisseurs, the ones whose opinions really count! Hence, this idea was born...

The name, for those familiar with Indian colloquial language, originates from the old adage of literally throwing eggs ("anda") and tomatoes ("tamaatar") when the audience is completely exasperated with a particular performance.

For movie watchers like us, andatamaatar.com is our way of providing movie goers a platform to express opinions on what they watch – simply leave a movie review. Giving credit where it is merited for films you have enjoyed and may have been overlooked by a biased film critic whilst also allowing you to express your dissatisfaction to film makers who have not respected your time, effort, money and more importantly intelligence! Explore the website and you'll find trailers, upcoming movies and many other features that makes Bollywood films even more worthwhile.

We have put in a lot of thought and enthusiasm to make this website as user friendly and fun as possible, but do feel free to provide us with any suggestions (good or bad) by emailing us at team@andatamaatar.com.

Enjoy, share and spread the word!